We are equipped with machinery for the different sections of our company. Always investing in the best machines for best results

Laser cutting machine to 3.00m thickness from 0.05mm

Laser machine cote thickness from 0.05mm to 10.00mm

Stamping press lines from 5 Tn to 70 Tn, complete with linear load feeders.

Complete lines of precision manual presses.

Machines and components for manufacturing and handling of prototypes.

CNC milling machines.

Machining lathes.

Vertical drills for specific jobs.

Precision Grinding milesimal tangential.

Cutting line for conversion of material to different measures.

Machines for manufacture of special springs.

Manual machines for springs creating prototypes.

Heat treatment furnace.

Stabilized and tempering furnace.

Line burnished surface treatment.

Hardness electronic tester.

Three-dimensional microscope.

Microscope optovídeo recorder.

Measuring equipment for work.

Our own laboratory analysis of materials.




Esta capacidad pertenece al expositor: MUELLES Y RESORTES ARGELAGUET 1940 S.L