High Performance stand alone punching cell or automated production cell


An early and major step towards sustainable fabrication was taken on the introduction of the servo-electric E series turret punch press in 1998. Now Prima Power introduces already the third generation of this series. 

The inherent benefits of servo-electric technology include energy efficiency, versatility and accuracy and low maintenance cost. This amounts to superior fabrication capabilities as well as outstanding operation economy, i.e. truly remarkable savings. 

The servo-mechanically actuated punching stroke is NC-controlled and thus, in addition to high-performance punching, outstandingly accurate forming capacity is available. 

High repeatability facilitates forming, roll forming, marking etc. and shortens set-up times. 

A totally re-designed turret can be chosen for the new E series; it can be customized and optimized for any requirement. Simultaneously, a record-breaking number of 384 tools can be available in the turret; thus unnecessary set-ups can be easily avoided. The original fully customized turret layout is also available. The maximum number of index tools has also been raised to 128.

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