General Capabilities

General Capabilities
General Capabilities

SAETA General Capabilities:

1.- Support to aluminium parts design

2.- Mould and tools manufacturing project management

3.- Lean production

Melting Capacity

Over 2.500 Tons of aluminum alloy per year

Up to 4.500 Kg/h

2 Melting towers furnaces (gas)

2 Melting furnaces (gas)

8 Heaters (electricity) at production cells


EN AC 44100 ( EN AC – AlSi12)

EN AC 47100 (EN AC – AlSi12Cu1 (Fe))

EN AC 46500 (EN AC – AlSi9Cu3 (Fe))

Die Casting Machines:

8 Injection Machines - From 400T to 1.600 T. Available subcontractors option for smaller parts

Machinig and Finishing facilities




Quality control equipment

3D measure machine

X Ray inspection

Standard devices for dimensional controls


Employees:  > 125 in 3 shifts production

Turnover 2016 à 21,2 M €

Export Sales over 70%

Regular deliveries to Spain, Poland, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Hungary

Spanish and English spoken.

Esta capacidad pertenece al expositor: SAETA DIE CASTING S.L.

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