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28128 MILAN, (Italia)
Teléfono: +390252981
Fax: +390225298370
Web: www.univer-group.com



For more than 45 years UNIVER has been leader in Industrial Automation with its three divisions:

Pneumatic Automation
Modular Tooling System

UNIVER has started its activity in the field of industrial automation during the 1970s, with the production of its first series of pneumatic valves and poppet valves for vacuum. In the following decades, the widening range of technologically advanced and original pneumatic components has allowed the continuous growth and development of the company, which has become one of the major Italian businesses in the production of industrial automation equipment. In 2000, after many years of experience in the supply of pneumatic components to the automotive market, the Automotive Division was created, thus developing numbers of solutions for BIW in the automotive industry. New entry, the Division of Modular Tooling Systems (GR8) represents the new challenge in the press field and handling of metal sheets in Automotive and Industrial Automation. The three divisions are supported by the Electronic Division, specializing in the study, design and manufacturing of the electric and electronic devices which are integrated in UNIVER products. In Italy, the commercial company UNIVER SERVICE S.r.l. controls the domestic market and guarantees a quick and efficient service, thanks to different operational offices and distributors. UNIVER Group has many direct branches and an active distribution network covering the most important industrialized areas.

Sector visitante al que se dirige el expositor

  • Distributors
  • OEM
  • Automoción y/o su industria auxiliar

Países de interés

  • Alemania
  • Francia
  • España

Categorías de productos

  • EQUIPOS PARA LA FABRICACIÓN / Maquinaria y equipos para plástico / Maquinaria y equipos para plástico
  • EQUIPOS PARA LA FABRICACIÓN / Robots y manipuladores / Manipuladores
  • EQUIPOS PARA LA FABRICACIÓN / Robots y manipuladores / Robots
  • PROCESOS DE FABRICACIÓN / Mantenimiento / Mantenimiento de sistemas neumáticos

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