These are shot blasting machines where parts are cleaned by hanging them, individually or in bunches, on hooks which are wxposed to the action of the turbines.

This overview includes a wide range of facilities whose main characteristic is the great variety of parts sizes and loading configurations that are available.

The shot blasting booths where the hooks are located are built completely out of wear-resistant Steel and reinforced in the direct impact áreas of the shot with replaceabñe pieces of the same material.

  • Standard hook shot blasting machines are thosee where loads suspend on a hook enter the shot blasting booth. In this way it is posible to isolate /insulate the blasting área. These shot blasting machines adapt to the space needs of the customer, allowing different route configurations for the air conveyor.
  • For special suspend loads. For applications where we have to adapt its design to the customer´s parts.
    In some cases they are used in continuous processes normally interconeected with other Paint and finishing installations. The advantage is that once the parts have been hung on the hooks, they do not need to be handled.


Shot Blasting Machines where parts are cleaned by hanging them, individually or in bunches.


  • Regina 161
  • Regina  22
  • Regina  85
  • Estrella  300

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