Fresmak launches the positioning and clamping system 0-MAK. An easy, precise and quick changing system.

The 0-MAK system reduces set-up time, increasing working time and productivity and, saving time and cost in your machining.

Its high clamping power and the way it is applied, avoids vibrations and chatter while machining, extending the life of the tool.

Other clamping elements like vices, blocks, fixtures, or workpieces, can be mounted on the 0-MAK by using nipples at the bottom, so that they can be changed repeatedly, quickly and at a low cost.


Easy to mount on a base plate. A H7 slot has to be machined on the base plate to accomodate the 0-MAK cylinder.


0-MAK offers a high repeatability. The system aligns and holds the vice, block, fixture or workpiece on the table. The 0-MAK will position it on the plate with a repeatability of 0,005 mm and a holding power of up to 55 kN.


Once the nipples are located at the bottom of the vice or workpiece, positioning and clamping are achieved in seconds.

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