The BLOCK-SC 4.0 consists of a real time monitored and sensorized clamping system, that allows detecting wirelessly and precisely the correct or incorrect position of the clamping jaws and the pressure in the system.

The system has a user-friendly, wireless and inexpensive set of components that allow the detection, visualization and management of the clamping conditions of the work-piece at any time, avoiding automatically unnecessary machining in case of wrong placement of work-pieces.

Designed for working in hostile environments (high temperatures, chips, cutting fluids, turning tables, moving tooling, etc.) it is fitted with a potentiometer that accurately measures the position of the jaws.When the work-piece is changed, it is not necessary to manually modify the position of the potentiometer in order to detect the new position. 

A pressure switch detects the pressure in the system. Pressure over the work-piece must be ensured in addition to having the work-piece clamped by the jaws.

The wireless communication system, based on wireless sensorization and monitoring, is a key element. Due to the working environment of clamping systems, wired communication between sensors and the control unit or robot is not feasible.

All these elements are essential to avoid machining of incorrect work-pieces, which in many cases cause disruptions in the production process.

Characteristics of the system:

-Simple, reliable and lasting coupling to the BLOCK-SC.

-Extremely compact

-Completely watertight, IP67 water ingress protection standard.

-Resistant to elements such as chips and coolants.

-It sends information of the position of the jaws wirelessly through RF with a maximum latency of 3 seconds.

-There is no electrical connection with the outside.

-Equipped with long-lasting batteries.

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