Surface Treatment Tunnel
Surface Treatment Tunnel

Surface Treatment Tunnel

To give specific characteristics to the part or coil, such as increasing its resistance to corrosion and oxidation (number of hours salt spray resistance), this must be subjected to a series of chemical and washing processes.

Our solutions include:

  • Treatment tunnels using spray systems.
  • Degreasing booths for high pressure cleaning.
  • Immersion cleaning lines.
  • Spray systems for the cleaning of high-speed coils.

The automated spray process combines the best features of existing treatments since it provides:

  • A chemical process.
  • A mechanical process.

Guaranteeing the quality of cleaning of the part and its protection.

The different stages required in the process depend on the initial characteristics of the part and on the final properties required. By carefully analysing the requirements of the part and the customer’s productivity, GEINSA’s team of engineers design the tunnel on the basis of their experience.

The stages to be incorporated vary according to the processes:

  • Acid or alkaline degreasing: removes protective fats and oils with heat..
  • Passivation: protective layer for the part.
  • Washing with tap water.
  • Washing with osmotically purified water.
  • Washing with demineralised water.
  • Treatment with film-forming and nanotechnology products.
  • Qualicoat and qualimarine processes for the aluminium profile industry.

The main features of the GEINSA treatment tunnels include:

  • The avoidance of welds in the assembly, providing an option for expansion and possible relocation.
  • Use of the best components and equipment (spray heads, pumps, extractors, rollers, etc).
  • Protection of the chain from vapours and reagents.
  • Thermal insulation in hot stages.
  • Safety catwalks inside the tunnel.
  • Draining rollers after each conveyor cleaning stage
  • Final blowing to avoid dripping and subsequent drying time, energy saving.
  • Energy and environmental efficiencies (no dumping in the tanks, etc).
  • Coil, boiler or heat plate exchangers.
  • Use of superheated steam, geothermal energy, etc.


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