Encore HD Manual System
Encore HD Manual System

Encore® HD manual spray systems make manual coating easy. Perfectly balanced at 530 g they are also light and comfortable for an operator’s hand.
The patented On-Gun control and display, allows the operator to quickly adjust the powder output or change the coating program without being distracted from the coating task.

Advanced electrostatics with the precise control gun current at levels below 5 μA deliver superior application performance even with challenging metallic powders. Color changeable in less than a minute without disassembly, the system also features a convenient purge function which can be used any time during operation to ensure the highest finish quality.

The soft spray from the Nordson HDLV® pumps perfectly covers complex product shapes. Unsurpassed application efficiency combines with the powder output of up to 450 g/min to enable production rates of up to 3 m2/min per spray system.

  • Light-weight and perfectly balanced spray guns are comfortable for operators
  • On-Gun controls with the patented secondary trigger and display for easy program or powder output change without the need to look away from the product
  • High application efficiency and easy recess coverage
  • The powder coating rate of more than twice the conventional systems
  • Excellent performance with metallic and specialty powders
  • Advanced electrostatic control with the current limit setting below 5 μA and special coating programs

Control unit
The control unit provides a wide range of pre-installed programs. Independent powder/air control and the charging system parameters can be defined for every application

Vibratory Box Feed (VBF) Mobile System
The mobile system with a vibratory box feed minimizes the color change time delivering maximum operating flexibility with minimum downtime.
Fully automatic purge cleaning of all internal components in less than 30 seconds.

Fluidized Hopper Mobile System
Stable powder output and the greatest production capacity when working from a fluidized hopper. For longer single-color production runs. Convenient pull-through pick-up tube design.

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