Cold saw tube cutting
Cold saw tube cutting

At Planes we offer cold saw tube cutting with highly-advanced machinery. This process allows us to work with high production volumes at an affordable price when cutting tubes to size—whether straight, angled, in short segments, in long segments, etc. It provides a clean cut with a narrow range of cut tolerance (± 0.3 mm), producing a minimum burr (which can be eliminated through deburring). It is especially suitable for small diameter tubes (Ø6-Ø12 mm) with reduced thickness (0.5-1.5 mm), since we have manufacturing equipment capable of multi-bar cutting (up to four tubes at a time). In addition, we have a cut-to-length line that incorporates an artificial vision verification machine to inspect 100% of the parts, eliminating those that may have a defect on the surface or at the ends and verifying that the dimensions remain within the specified range of tolerances. This equipment has very high output and covers a range from Ø6 to Ø25 mm and up to 1,000 mm in length.

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