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Heat Treatment Furnaces makers. In PROYCOTECME ( each furnace is designed for each costumer necessity, this is, we study the necessity and after we look for the better solution, economically and efficiently. Static, transfer, pit and continuous furnaces for heat treatments: pre-heating, austenizing, cementation, quenching, nitruration, annealing, casting, temper, aging and drying.


In addition to this, we offer services like maintenance, trade of used furnaces, rebuild, automatization, updating furnaces, remove complete installations, retrofitting ...



As a complement, we supply spare parts for different furnace makers: resistances, radiant tubes, crucible, cast and bar baskets, burners, cast pieces (rollers),CSi enlarge flame, grids, crucibles, turbines, refractory pieces, Nickel alloy tools,…


Furthermore, we are a proud Oficial Partner of Furnaces SOLO Swiss and muffles furnaces Borel for peninsula and hispanic speakers countries.

IPSEN Internacional ( Global manufacturer of heat treatment furnaces and equipment, with more than 75 years of experience. Ipsen covers the shole heat treatment range. In doing so, there two Ipsen furnaces types which are more than any others, used in industrial heat treatment: atmosphere and vacuum furnaces.

SOLO Swiss Group ( Since 1945 SOLO Swiss Group has been a manufacturer of advanced industrial furnaces for the heat treatment of metals. SOLO Swiss is one of the oldest furnace manufacturers in Europe and exports its equipments all over the world with a strong presence in Asia. SOLO furnaces are particularly well suited for the treatment of the small complex metallic parts requiring an enhanced treatment for the most famous industries in the fields of aeronautics, cutlery, watch-making and micro mechanic industries.


BOREL Swiss ( BOREL Swiss manufactures furnaces and ovens for all thermal processing application. BOREL Swiss provides a wide range of standard furnaces, ovens, Kilns, and many other equipments since 1927.

Represented companies

Visiting sector addressed by the exhibitor

  • Aeronautics and/or the auxiliary industry: TRATAMIENTOS TÉRMICOS
  • Automotive sector and/or the auxiliary industry: TRATAMIENTOS TÉRMICOS

Countries of interest

  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • France

Product categories

  • MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT / Casting machinery and equipment / Furnaces for metal casting and smelting
  • MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT / Machinery and equipment for surface treatment / Industrial heat treating furnaces for metals

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