Crest-to-Crest Wave Spring
Crest-to-Crest Wave Spring - On show

Crest-to-Crest Wave Springs are pre-stacked in series, decreasing the spring rate proportionally to the number of turns. Uses are typically applications requiring low-medium spring rates and large deflections with low-medium forces.

Among the major advantages, this design eliminates the need to keep the wave crests aligned. The need to use a key locating device, or to insert a shim between individual springs is not necessary. Because the spring is integrally formed, the wave peaks hold their configuration.

As a replacement for helical compression springs, Crest-to-Crest springs can develop similar forces, yet occupy one-half (1/2) or less the axial space. This allows for strict space constraints. Crest-to-Crest Wave Springs will maintain the same force and load specifications of a conventional round wire spring, but with the advantages of resultant lowered and compacted operating heights, free heights and solid heights.

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