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Exhibition + B2B Meetings = Maximum Profitability

18th European Industrial Subcontracting Meeting

Exhibitors at the Subcontratación fair will have the chance to take part in the greatest international meeting forum with purchasers, which have been specifically selected to match their product and services portfolio.

Organised by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, CamaraBilbao and BEC, with the collaboration of the Spanish Chambers of Commerce, the pre-arranged B2B meetings programme will allow you to efficiently make the most of your participation by establishing direct contact with purchasers who are seeking solutions for their manufacturing processes.


Our organisation’s philosophy offers interesting advantages for:

  • Purchasers, who save time and money thanks to “sourcing”.
  • Suppliers, who can directly contact the purchasing or production directors and/or managers from European companies in need of solutions for specific projects.

“The purchasers”

The search for foreign purchasers focuses on the industrial sectors in which the Spanish companies have greater chances to be competitive; namely the automotive, aeronautics, railway, machine-tool, electronics and renewable energy industries.

The European purchaser demands high added-value products and processes from Spain, as well as short series and subsets. But, above all, they seek to establish long-standing relationships with their suppliers.

Germans, French, Swedish, British, Swiss…They all know that the quality and requirement level offered in Spain is equal to the levels in their countries. But we have a competitive advantage in terms of cost, which makes our industry more attractive to them.


As shown in the participation results of SUBCONTRATACIÓN 2019, these meetings go above and beyond simply being a contact opportunity. Participants manage to sign agreements and contracting companies present specific projects that even include their work protocols, plans, pricing and delivery dates.

Meetings are held in a specific area within the Subcontratación exhibition hall that is equipped with hospitality areas, information points and meeting tables that will identify each of the participating purchasers.

2019 Meetings results

Total Guest Purchasers: 112

Total Interviews held: 1,180

Guest origin: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Finland, Algeria, Switzerland, Italy, Morocco and Serbia.

Purchasing sectors: Automotive, Aeronautics, Construction, Robotics, Medical Equipment, Railway (both vehicles and infrastructure), Electricity and Electronics, Energy, Defence, Manufacturers of various types of machines (packaging, processing, agri-food), and 3D printing.

Make the most of this opportunity

Don’t miss the chance to establish new business contacts and get to know the projects and needs of an interesting group of purchasers first hand.

The best space to increase your business’s volume!

Participate in Subcontratación 2021

We are at your disposal to work with you and help you achieve the best results for your company.

Event manager

Mª Carmen Gorostiza
Tel. +34 94 404 00 78
[email protected]

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