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 A tour of the world of manufacturing processes in which you will find solutions tailored to your needs

From the most basic industrial subcontracting processes to state-of-the art technologies, complete manufacturing processes, equipment and supplies for casting, forging, rolling, treatment, welding, handling, etc.

If your firm works in the automotive, aeronautics, metallurgy, capital goods, machine-tools, railways, energy, shipbuilding or oil industries, among others, we offer a forum for business where you can locate new suppliers, extend your current portfolio and learn first hand about proposals and solutions tailored to your organisational needs and your requirements in terms of manufacturing equipment and subcontracting for production processes.

Exhibitor Directory

 Exhibiting sectors

Professional association Refractory products
Rubber CAD-CAM
Ceramics Coding, marking & identification
Composites Metal structures
Electricity/electronics Industrial furnaces
Additive manufacturing Handling
Casting Machinery & equipment tailor-made to drawings & projects
Hardware / Software Machinery & equipment for composites
Engineering Machinery & equipment for additive manufacturing
Maintenance Machinery & equipment for forging
Special materials/ chemicals Machinery & equipment for casting
Raw materials & additives Machinery & equipment for rolling
Machining of components Machinery & equipment for plastics
Moulds, models, dies & die-casting Machinery & equipment for steel mills/laboratories
Information & promotion office Machinery & equipment for welding
Plastic Machinery & equipment for surface treatment
Technical press Measuring, control & safety
Subcontracting products Metrology
Prototyping Paint & industrial coatings
Surface coatings Industrial chemicals
Specialist services Robots & handling equipment
Textiles Steel making
Processing without stock removal Greasing & lubrication systems & products
Tools & toolings
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