FEA for the Aerospace Industry
FEA for the Aerospace Industry - Presente en feria

Some of our capabilities related to the automotive industry are:

  • Deformation of a solar panel [structural simulation]

  • Simulating Spacecraft Launch and Re-entry [structural simulation]

  • Crack growth  [structural simulation]

  • Bird strike [impact simulation]

  • Fuel tank sloshing [FSI simulation]

  • Boom deployment [multibody simulation]

  • Wing Leading Edge Laminate Optimization for bird impact [impact optimization]

  • FEA driven optimization of a stiffened panel construction [structural optimization]

  • Landing gear topology optimization

  • Topology and beam optimization

  • User-subroutine development

  • Python script and plug-in development

  • And many more.

Do not hesitate to visit us to know more about how we could help you and let us know your expert CAE partner!

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