The European Subcontracting Meeting will manage more than 1,000 meetings

About one hundred representatives from 11 European countries, as well as two from North Africa, will meet with 247 subcontractors this week at the 18th European Industrial Subcontracting Meeting. “We are seeing major changes on the international stage that are having a direct impact on all industrial sectors, very important for our economy in terms of sales and employment. For this reason, both the Subcontratación trade show and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce are actively working to strengthen our companies, which are synonymous with excellence, quality and above all innovation”, explained Josep Mª Gomes, Manager of the Industrial Subcontracting Area of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, at the opening of the event.

For her part, Cristina Campo, Visitors’ Area Director at Bilbao Exhibition Centre, wished to underline the importance of this B2B programme, with the highest volume of interviews for the subcontracting sector throughout the entire state, due to the strategic and international profile of the participating companies. “During this week, we will be welcoming professionals from the automotive, aeronautics, energy or medical sectors from France, Portugal, Sweden, Germany and Finland. These are professionals interested in making contact with new suppliers and initiating commercial projects requiring highly qualified technology companies prepared to work in order to meet your needs”, assured the manager at BEC.

The second edition of Polveri & Ecocoating, a monographic space dedicated to surface treatment, will be held as part of Subcontratación,. The event combines the exhibition and conference sections.

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