Nidec Arisa assumes the presidency of the Automotive Cluster of La Rioja

NIDEC ARISA became a member of the Automotive Cluster of La Rioja in 2020. They began the year by joining the rest of the companies that collaborate with the Cluster and end the year by taking on the presidency, held by Javier Martínez Aldama. The General Electoral Assembly, held on Friday, 30 October, appointed the new Board of Directors, which will be chaired by Nidec Arisa.

The sector is facing one of the greatest challenges in its history, having to change its mobility model and adapt to a formula based on sustainability.

The Cluster is undergoing a thorough review and updating its Strategic Plan to obtain the renewal of its excellent AEI rating. This plan will define the line of work to be pursued during the next four years and Nida Arisa intends to play an active role in this new document.

NIDEC ARISA assumes its chairmanship with the desire to continue its collaboration and contribution to the automotive industry, of which it has been a part from the moment it started production, 80 years ago.


Source: AFM

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