SUBCONTRATACIÓN: Spain’s only trade-show exclusively for subcontracting SMEs.

Firms from all segments of the manufacturing chain are to take part in SUBCONTRATACIÓN, Spain’s only trade show given over exclusively to subcontracting SMEs.  This 17th edition of the event will feature over 592 exhibitors from 24 countries, led by Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Morocco, Belgium, Rumania and Switzerland.  Since the first fair of this kind in 1981, the support of local chambers of commerce and sectoral associations has been essential in enabling the event to take place, and has made it possible for it to develop and adapt to meet the needs of the sector.

80% of the firms taking part are providers of manufacturing processes who specialise in the processing and manufacturing parts by cutting or shaping (30%), in casting (28%), in manufacturing finished and semi-finished components (16%), in heat treatment and surface coating (11%) and in the processing of plastics and rubber (8%). The remaining 20% are suppliers of manufacturing equipment, including equipment and supplies for casting, forging, surface treatment and the steel industry (34%), toolings, tools and manufacturing of specialist machinery (28%), metrology and CAD/CAM (16%) and encoding, marking and identification (5%) among others.

This year SUBCONTRATACIÓN is to go a step further in terms of innovation and new technologies by incorporating tow new areas:  the Additive Manufacturing area will be hosted by ADDIMAT, the Spanish Association of 3D and Additive Manufacturing, and will feature manufacturers of machinery, equipment, consumables and components along with distributors, engineering firms and associated services, all of which will be showing off their latest developments.  The area set aside for the composites industry is supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Gipuzkoa. It will feature firms from throughout the value chain of composite component manufacturing, ranging from raw material suppliers through mould manufacturers and processors to manufacturing technology, design and research firms.

European Industrial Subcontracting Forum

Trade specialists will find all-round solutions for manufacturing their products at SUBCONTRATACIÓN. The format of the event is a combination of exhibitions, technical seminars and pre-arranged B2B meetings with front-line international purchasers.

The European Industrial Subcontracting Forum is to be the biggest B2B forum held in Spain to date, with over 1500 meetings.  It will provide purchasers from the railway, energy, steel, medical, domestic appliance, energy, petrochemical, machine-tool and automotive industries with the chance to find suppliers, advanced technology, specific answers to their project needs and, in short, new business opportunities.  The statistics drawn up at the end of the previous edition reveal that a large number of contracts and orders were signed.

Aeronautics firms also have their own programme of prearranged meetings, presentations and round tables at AEROTRENDS.  The 28th will be the busiest day for this industry, as it will feature presentations organised by Ik4 Research Alliance, the University of the Basque Country, Mondragón Unibertsitatea, Fundación Tecnalia, CTA and Hegan under the title “A global overview of expected future trends in aeronautical manufacturing within the Industry 4.0 strategy”.

Both these forums are organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao and the BEC, with the collaboration of the Spanish Network of Subcontracting Pools.

Finally, the programme at SUBCONTRATACIÓN is to include technical seminars on “Trends, needs & opportunities in the automotive industry” organised by ACICAE (Basque Automotive Cluster), on “Competitive manufacturing of components & structures in composites” by TECNALIA and on the importance of additive manufacturing and 3D printing in industry, presented by ADDIMAT, TECNALIA, the University of the Basque Country, TUMAKER, GRUPO NICOLÁS CORREA LÁSER, PIXEL SISTEMAS and GRUPO SICNOVA, among others. AIAS (Association of the Surface Finishing Industry) is also to analyse the current situation in its sector in three sessions:  “Current situation as regards environmental authorisation, substantial change, baseline reports and regular inspections”, “Preliminary treatment and final finishing:  latest developments in preparation and finishing on metals” and “cladding of cutting tools for machining in the aeronautics industry”.

Dates: 26-29 May, 2015

Organised by: Bilbao Exhibition Centre


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